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Advanced Male Enhancement Techniques: Girth and Length Augmentation

Join Dr. Wendi Harper, DNP, a seasoned expert in aesthetic medicine, for an exclusive online course dedicated to advanced male enhancement techniques. This comprehensive program is tailored for current and aspiring injectors seeking to master innovative methods in penile augmentation.

In this course, participants will delve into the intricate art of enhancing both girth and length using cutting-edge methodologies. Dr. Harper will meticulously guide attendees through the intricacies of employing specialized tools and products such as cannulas, Bellafill, and neurotoxins, to achieve remarkable results in male enhancement.

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for licensed medical professionals and injectors keen on expanding their expertise in male enhancement procedures. Physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and registered nurses with prior experience in cosmetic procedures are encouraged to attend.

Join Dr. Wendi Harper in this exclusive online course and unlock the skills, knowledge, and confidence necessary to excel in the realm of advanced male enhancement techniques.

Note: This course does not endorse or encourage unethical practices and prioritizes patient safety, ethical conduct, and professional standards in all procedures taught.

Mentorship Programing

Each mentorship is very individual to the approved trainee student. We try to create a unique learning environment for every student. Students will be shadowing master injectors based on the days they are available.

If a student is unable to attend a live hands-on training session, they may not be given another opportunity. If SAA can reschedule, they will but there is no guarantee of this. No refunds will be given but SAA will make every effort to reschedule when possible.

Each mentorship includes a 3-month commitment, this is a program that applicants must apply for. Not everyone will be approved. This will require a NC license from NCBON or NCBOM. Mentorships will be open to RN’s, LPN’s, LVN’s, NP’s, PA’s, MD’s, DO’s, and DDM’s -if living in a state that dentists can inject. Due to NC law this program is not open to Licensed medical aestheticians even if the applicant lives in a state that allows aestheticians to aesthetically inject.

Spaces are very limited because we want to provide an intensive learning environment for each student.

Shadowing – $500

Shadowing Session

*not a 3 month commitment

1 Session Training – $1,000

1 training session

*not a 3 month commitment

Level I Mentoring Program – $2,500/month

Sessions are 4 hours long and this includes shadowing and real-life injections. Supplies are not included these will be available to the trainee at cost. Models must be provided by the trainee. This gives one on one training to the student injector. These sessions are so important to becoming a competent injector. These foundational skills allow the new injector to graduate to the level II program OR get hired with enough of a basic skillset to get hired as a beginner injector and learn more after being hired by a core physician practice or a Medispa.

Level II Mentoring Program – $3,500/month

Sessions are 4 hours long and this includes shadowing and real-life injections. Supplies are included. Models must be provided by the trainee. This gives one on one training to the student injector. These sessions are so important to becoming an intermediate to advanced injector. This helps to fine tune advanced injection techniques needed to sustain employment and or getting hired at a core physician practice or Medispa.

Individual Courses

Written didactic which includes online content with access to videos and chatbot. See prices for individual courses below. Topic specific courses: These can be bought individually.

All courses bought will also have a 3-month access to the Wendi injector training chat bot. This contains evidence-based research from aesthetic articles from 2003 and beyond. This is not information readily accessible. Many articles that the chat bot utilizes are not available on google or google scholar.

  • Neuromodulators didactic and hands on training- $2,000
  • Dermal Fillers- $2,000
  • Butt Lift using collagen stimulators- $6,000
  • Advanced facial injections using collagen stimulators- $2,000
  • Body enhancement using collagen stimulators- $4,000
  • Lips 101- $2,000
  • Cannula Training- $3,000
  • PRP and PRF injection training: $2,000
  • Deoxycholic Acid Injections (PPC/DC and Kybella)- $4,000
  • Penis Enhancement with Neuromodulators- $2,000
  • Penis Enhancement with Dermal Filler- $5,000
  • How to manage a vascular occlusion- $2,500
    • This gives access to written content of how to manage vascular occlusion. This also includes what medicines are required to manage an occlusion. This course is targeted towards NP’s, PA’s, medical doctors, and dentists- any person who is able to prescribe. This requires a person with a prescriber’s license. Many of the medications that practices need to have on hand and to treat an occlusion are available only by prescription.


All models must fill out an application and be approved by the practice prior to getting treatment.

This allows patients to get products at a greatly discounted price while helping a new or seasoned injector elevate their skill set. This is all under the watchful eye of an experienced master injector/trainer.

Please call for specific model pricing.  Most products/treatments are offered at ½ price.

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