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Alastin Brightening Serum


Brilliant Science for Brighter Skin
Helps reduce the appearance of surface pigmentation, minimize recurrence and protect against future damage – through a clinically proven, non-irritating formula.




The scientifically validated solution we offer has undergone clinical trials, demonstrating its effectiveness in minimizing the appearance of all forms of unwanted discoloration, including dark spots, age spots, hyperpigmentation, and brown patches.

Utilizing our proprietary PATH-3 Technology, this advanced formulation goes beyond surface-level treatment. It not only reduces existing pigmentation but also provides continuous protection against future damage when used consistently.

Furthermore, this innovative formula addresses the common issue of redness often accompanying hyperpigmentation, resulting in a more harmonious and even-toned complexion.

Over time, this groundbreaking product reveals a brighter and more luminous visage, enhancing the overall radiance of the skin.

Harnessing the power of potent antioxidants, the formulation actively promotes optimal skin health, ensuring a rejuvenated and revitalized appearance.

Thoughtfully crafted to synergize with professional in-office treatments such as chemical peels, lasers, and skin brightening therapies, this formula proudly stands apart as a Hydroquinone and Retinol free solution.

Rest assured, this non-irritating formula is specifically designed for daily use, making it a reliable companion in your skincare regimen.

Feel free to trust in our authoritative approach as we deliver effective results with this cutting-edge product.

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