EltaMD SilverGel


(net 1 fl oz/29.6 mL)

EltaMD SilverGel is an amorphous wound gel enriched with 55 ppm silver, renowned for its antimicrobial properties.




  • Prevents bacterial growth: The product effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria, minimizing the risk of infection in wounds.
  • Promotes healthy wound healing: It supports the natural healing process of wounds, assisting in their timely and optimal recovery.
  • Broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection: Designed for high-risk or infected wounds with light to moderate exudate, it provides comprehensive protection against a wide range of microorganisms.
  • Absorbs exudate: The product has excellent absorbency, capable of absorbing up to its own volume of wound exudate, helping to maintain a clean and moist wound environment.
  • Ensures full antimicrobial contact: With its appropriate viscosity, it ensures complete contact with the entire wound bed, maximizing the antimicrobial effect.
  • Non-discoloring and non-staining: It remains clear during use and does not discolor or stain the surrounding tissue, preserving the aesthetics of the wound area.
  • Sustained silver ion release: The product releases silver ions consistently for at least three days, as proven through comprehensive testing, ensuring long-lasting antimicrobial efficacy.
  • Easy application and retention: It can be easily applied to the wound and remains in the wound bed, providing continuous protection and support.
  • Non-cytotoxic and water-soluble: The product is non-toxic to cells and is water-soluble, allowing for easy removal during dressing changes and minimizing any potential harm to the wound.
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