Wendi Harper is a highly skilled cosmetic injector with 11 years of experience and a Doctorate of Nursing Practice.

She has previously owned and sold her own aesthetic practice and has been working in aesthetic dermatology for the past 3 years. Wendi is also an experienced independent trainer since 2013, having trained for Suneva Medical, Allergan, Merz, and Galderma.

In 2014, Wendi worked full-time as a trainer for Suneva, where she traveled across the United States to assist practices in training their injectors and staff. She also helped them grow their businesses by utilizing a formula that focuses on delivering patient-centric outcomes.

Wendi’s background in art and her love of science have enabled her to develop cutting-edge injection practices. She takes pride in helping patients create a comprehensive treatment plan that meets their aesthetic goals. Wendi’s qualifications and extensive experience make her a highly sought-after cosmetic injector and trainer who is renowned for providing exceptional care and delivering outstanding results.

  • 11 years working as a cosmetic injector
  • 10 years working as an independent trainer for Suneva Medical, Allergan, Merz and Galderma
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